Seasonal Information

Blight complaints continue to be an issue of concern in our community. 

Ordinance Enforcement, in an effort to educate our residences, have provided some brief explanations of blight.

  • Blighted off-street parking area: means any area used for off-street parking where the surface of the parking area is deteriorated through use or negligence.
  •  Blighted structure means any structure which because of wind, other natural destruction, fire, damage from other natural causes or deterioration or from physical disrepair or deterioration of any nature that is no longer habitable as a dwelling or useful for any other purpose for which it was intended.
  •  Building material means the storage of any building materials unless there is in effect a valid permit issued by a city for construction on the premises and the material is intended for use in connection with the construction and shall include but not limited to,  lumber, concrete, bricks,  cinder blocks, electrical, or plumbing material, heat ducts, heating equipment, motor, concrete , cement, shingles, fence posts or fencing material of wood or metals or any other materials used for construction of the building, structure, or fence, however the term shall not include such building materials stored on premises of any property licensed business located as required by the zoning ordinance of the city, if the building materials are kept as such business or are part of the inventory.
  •  Incomplete structures means dwelling, building garage, or other structure which is in the course of construction, but is not completed as required by zoning ordinance or building code, except this term shall not apply to any incomplete structure which is the course of construction in accordance with a valid and existing building permit issued by the city.
  •  Junk means any accumulation of warn out or discarded material, rubbish, trash, of other refuse of any kind which is visible from any contiguous property, which is stored for any period in excess of ten days, The term shall include, but not limited to machinery parts, vehicle parts, unused appliances, remnants of wood, metals or any materials whether or not the same could be put to any reasonable use.
  •  Junk automobile means any motor vehicle which is required to be licensed by the state, which is not licensed for use upon the highways, roads of the state for a period in excess of 30 days, and also shall mean any motor vehicle, whether or not licensed, which is inoperative for any reason for a period in excess of 30 days. 

 *** Please refer to the City Ordinances – Code of Ordinances for the actual language of the definitions.

Here are some helpful seasonal ordinances to assist you in maintaining your property.

  • Sec. 813: Storage of recreation equipment or trailers – recreational equipment or trailers shall be stored or parked in a garage or carport, beyond the nearest portion of a building to the street. The recreational equipment or trailer may be parked anywhere on the residential premise for no longer than 48 hours, for loading or unloading purposes, or for a period of one week for the purpose of repairs or maintenance. The recreational equipment may not be used for living, or sleeping while at the residence. The recreational equipment may not have fixed water, electrical, sewer, or gas connection while being stored at the residence. Recreational equipment or trailers may be stored on a side yard providing it does not eliminate light or air circulation to the adjoining properties. Recreational vehicle or trailers must be good repair and currently licensed.

  • Sec. 46-97: Removal of shopping carts -  Any person may not remove shopping carts from the premise of any grocery store, supermarket, store, in the city, regardless of intent. It is unlawful for any person to abandon any shopping cart on any street, alley or public place within the city of Center Line.

  • Penalty for a violation of a local ordinance is at the discretion of the 37th District Court Center Line, but maybe punishable by a fine of not more than $500.00, costs of the prosecution or by imprisonment of not more than 90 days in the county jail.

  • Sec.62-21: Sports equipment in right-of-way prohibited

     - Prohibited conduct. No person or persons shall place in any right-of-way, sidewalk, public street, any portable or fixed basketball net, backboard or other piece of equipment for the purpose of playing basketball or any other sport for which the equipment can be used.

     - Any person violating shall be subject to a warning first, a fine of $100.00 for a second and a fine of up to $250.00 for subsequent violations. The equipment shall be confiscated and impounded by the Public Safety Department after the second occurrence. 

     - If the equipment is impounded, the equipment will stored for a maximum of 30 days which will allow the owner to claim the equipment during regular business hours (8am-4pm). A payment of $100.00 is required for a storage fee, and if not claimed within 30 days the equipment shall be disposed of in an appropriate manner.  

     *** The following is a brief summary of our local ordinances. See full description under “City Ordinances”.

 *** The above information is a brief summary of our local ordinances. See full description under “City Ordinances”.

Wild animals in Center Line

If you are having a problem with wild animals, the following non-profit organizations will assist at little or no costs, based upon the areas of service they offer in the last column.  With regards to skunks, it would appear only the third entity is likely to assist.  Otherwise, see the Department of Natural Resources,  Nuisance Wildlife ( to resolve conflicts with wildlife by clicking on each species.

There are also several private Animal Control companies in the area that will charge for trapping and relocation.

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