Community Care

DTE Tree Trimming:

 DTE will trim trees up to a 15 radius around DTE electrical equipment only.

  • DTE will remove debris of small limbs and branches.
  • Large debris will be left behind for disposal by the homeowner.
  • Keep the Service drop (power line that runs from the electrical pole near your property, to your home), free from vegetation, which will help prevent power outages. The Service Drop in the home owners responsibility. 
  • Safety: do not climb, trim, or work on trees near the power line

** For more information see:   *** Residents may also contact Ordinance Enforcement (586-757-6800) for assistance.

Listed below are places in or near Center Line that will accept items that cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage pickup by GFL.

Old Appliances:

   • Nice Appliance – Used appliances and repair. 25748 Van Dyke, Center Line, 586-293-2749.    

Will accept old/unused and not working appliances. The appliances must be dropped off at 25748 Van Dyke, Center Line. 
A nominal fee may be given for some appliances.

Used motor oil:

  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts: 7407 10 Mile, Center Line, 586-756-9170
  • Auto Zone: 7550 10 Mile, Center Line,  586-759-8701

** Will accept up to 5 gallons of Motor Oil only. Both will also accept used car batteries for recycling in which you receive a $10.00 in-store gift card.

Propane tanks disposal:

  • Van Dyke Gas: 23823 Sherwood, Center Line, 586-757-8500

** Will accept 20 gallon barbeque tanks for a $5.00 fee. NO CAMPING PROPANE STYLE CYLINDERS ARE ACCEPTED FOR DISPOSAL.

Used tire disposal:

  • Discount Tire: 26805 Van Dyke, Center Line, 586-754-1850.

       ** Will accept up to 3 tires


  • Vehicles, junk or unwanted maybe removed from your property, with the vehicle title, by contacting a tow service.

             Ellis Brother’s Towing, Warren, 586-248-5584

             Service Towing, Warren, 586-756-9500