Community Care

Abandon Vehicle Notice

The City of Center Line is committed to improving the curb appeal of our “Small Town Lifestyle in the Heart of Metro Detroit”. The Ordinance Department will be identifying unwanted, inoperable, or abandoned vehicles throughout the city.

Center Line Ordinance: 22-106
“Junk automobile means any motor vehicle which is required to be licensed by the state, which is
not so licensed for use upon the highways of the state for a period in excess of 30 days, and shall
also mean any such motor vehicle, whether or not so licensed, which is inoperative for any reason
for a period in excess of 30 days.”

Below is a list of organizations to assist you if you wish to donate your vehicle.
Make-A-Wish Michigan” (855-415-9474)
Vehicles for Veterans” (866-550-3838)
Animal Car Donation” (888-480-0855) supporting animal rescue

Vehicles donated to these organization are 501 (c)(3) tax deductible.

Below is a list of towing agencies that may provide a nominal payment for your vehicle. Towing
services will require a clear title so ownership can be transferred.
Service Towing (586-756-9500)
Ellis Brothers Towing (586-758-7792)
Neuner’s Towing (586-757-5290)

Please contact the Ordinance Enforcement Department for questions or assistance.
Chief Ordinance Officer Danny Petroff at 586-758-8265/
Ordinance Officer Dave Allen at 586-758-8261 /

Community Service Partnership

The City of Center Line Ordinance Department has partnered with the Center Line High School to create the “Community Service Partnership.” This “partnership” is a volunteer program that joins the Ordinance Department and Center Line High School together to help students reach the 20 hours of volunteer services needed for their graduation ceremony.

The Ordinance Department was made aware of a residence that had over grown vegetation surrounding the property. Ordinance Officer Allen reached out to the elderly resident and learned that they were physically unable to maintain their property. Chief Ordinance Officer Petroff and Allen coordinated the cleanup effort with the homeowner and the school. A vehicle was removed from the property, a dead tree limb was trimmed with the coordinated/donated service of a landscape company, and cleanup of the overgrown vegetation was completed with the assistance of Center Line High School junior “Jack”.

A big thank you to Center Line H.S. student “Jack”, the landscape company for their volunteer service, and our resident for allowing us to assist in keeping our community looking good.

Our department has established resources to assist our community in many ways. We look forward to assisting our residents and the partnership with Center Line High School in creating the “Community Service Partnership” program.


Dog Licensing and Ordinances

Residents are reminded all dogs must be licensed through Macomb County Animal Control, 21417 Dunham Road, Clinton Township, MI. 48036, 586-469-5115. A dog license may be obtained online: Dog License 
See website for licensing requirements and fees.

 Please see the following local ordinances covering dogs:

  • Section: 10-56: License required, application (now processed through Macomb County Animal Control).
  • Section: 10-57: License fee/expiration (now processed through Macomb County Animal Control).
  • Section: 10-58: Lost license tags (now processed through Macomb County Animal Control).
  • Section: 10-62: Dog bite report required with Center Line Public Safety (Police Department).
  • Section: 10-63: Quarantine may be required for a dog bite.
  • Section: 10-64: Dogs running at large.
  • Section: 10-65: Noise, creating disturbance.  
  • Section: 10-66: Dangerous and Vicious dogs . 
  • Section:10-68: Number of dogs permitted.

 ** Residents are reminded to help keep Center Line clean by pick up dog feces **

 Any question please contact Center Line Public Safety, 586-757-2200, or the Chief Ordinance Enforcement, Danny Petroff (586-758-8261) or Ordinance Officer Dave Allen, (586-758-8265).

Listed below are places in or near Center Line that will accept items that cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage pickup by GFL.

Old Appliances:

   • Nice Appliance – Used appliances and repair. 25748 Van Dyke, Center Line, 586-293-2749.    

Will accept old/unused and not working appliances. The appliances must be dropped off at 25748 Van Dyke, Center Line. 
A nominal fee may be given for some appliances.

Used motor oil:

  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts: 7407 10 Mile, Center Line, 586-756-9170
  • Auto Zone: 7550 10 Mile, Center Line,  586-759-8701

** Will accept up to 5 gallons of Motor Oil only. Both will also accept used car batteries for recycling in which you receive a $10.00 in-store gift card.

Propane tanks disposal:

  • Van Dyke Gas: 23823 Sherwood, Center Line, 586-757-8500

** Will accept 20 gallon barbeque tanks for a $5.00 fee. NO CAMPING PROPANE STYLE CYLINDERS ARE ACCEPTED FOR DISPOSAL.

Used tire disposal:

  • Discount Tire: 26805 Van Dyke, Center Line, 586-754-1850.

       ** Will accept up to 3 tires


  • Vehicles, junk or unwanted maybe removed from your property, with the vehicle title, by contacting a tow service.
  •  Ellis Brother’s Towing: Warren, 586-248-5584
  •  Service Towing: Warren, 586-756-9500

For more information on city ordinances use the link below to go to the Municode page for Center Line:


The Ordinance Department assists all departments within the city and would like to remind everyone inspections are required on residential and commercial properties to ensure current building standards are up-to-date.

  The following inspections are required by the city:

  • Rental homes.
  • Sale of a residential home, (Certification of Occupancy).
  • Sale of a Commercial building.
  • Commercial buildings, bi-annual.

 The following home improvements require a permit:

  • Roof- tear off.
  • New fencing.
  • Cement work: driveway approach, sidewalk replacement, new/replacement porch, and a slab.
  • New hot water tank.
  • New furnace or air conditioner.
  • New shed.
  • Home additions.

*** Some interior home improvements may require an inspection to meet updated building codes. (Contact the city Building Inspector)

Please contact the city office at 586-757-6800 (Monday thru Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm) for inspection/permit fees.