Resident Programs

City of Center Line Police and Fire Retirement System

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Resident Programs

Do you know someone who needs help with drug additions?

Hope, not Handcuffs is a collaborative effort between Families Against Narcotics (FAN), Macomb County police departments, including Center Line Public Safety, EMS, and other organizations to help those addicted to opiates and other substances.

Under this program, a person who is struggling with addiction can go to any participating Police Department to seek help.

To learn more, click the above "Hope not Handcuffs" logo.

Additional Resources for Addiction

File for Life

Starting in July we will be starting a new program called File For Life. The File For Life program is designed to give our Public Safety officers necessary medical information about you in the event that you are incapacitated and cannot communicate with us. The way this works is quite simple. All you need to do is pick up the form at the Public Safety Department, fill it out, place it in the red envelope provided, and place it on your refrigerator. The form will contain basic medical information, such as medical history, medications, etc. In the event we respond to your home for a medical emergency our officers will go directly to the refrigerator, retrieve the form, and use the information to better help you.


This online crime-tracking service was implemented in July 2012 as a safety tool for Center Line's residents. By following the image below, residents can see a map of Center Line with crimes and locations committed in their neighborhood.

Key Storage Security Lock

 If you or a family member is sick/injured or has a history of falling down and need medical attention, we can help, if you install a Key Storage Security Lock on your front door. You can register the lock with us. We will only use it to gain entry into the home to administer medical assistance and/or assist in emergency situations. We will not open the home for family or friends. Officers will not be permitted to use the keys to check on the interior of the home if you are out of town, even at your request. You will have control over who knows the combination you will set. The code, waiver, and contact list will be stored in our dispatch center and will only be accessible to Police personal when needed.

If you have any questions you may call our station and talk to a dispatcher or ask for Lt. Tom Costello, Badge #23. We will let you know where you can purchase the locks and how to install them if requested.