City of Center Line Police and Fire Retirement System

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Center Line Public Library

7345 Weingartz
Center Line, MI 48015
Director Heather Hames

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Mondays    10-5
Tuesdays   10-7
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Saturdays   12-5


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?

Center Line residents with a valid driver's license or state issued ID can get a library card.  If you just moved into Center Line and don't have your new address updated on your ID, you would also need a mortgage/rent receipt or utility bill in your name.


Does the library have computers for the public?

Yes, there are 9 computers for the public. You need your library card number and PIN to log on. The library also has one computer that is designated for the library catalog (no log in required).


Do I have to have a library card to use a computer?

No. We currently issue guest passes to people outside of our service area with proper ID, one per day for thirty minutes. Beginning February 1, 2014 there will be a $1.00 charge for guest passes.


Does the library have Wi-Fi?



Can I print from my laptop if I am using the Wi-Fi?

Yes. You can email items to


Why can't I log in?

Your card may be expired, you may have a fine, or you may not have the correct PIN. The clerks at the circulation desk can help you figure it out with your proper ID. 


How do I find Tax Forms?

Tax forms are available in the library lobby from usually the end of January through April. Forms are also available online for Federal or State taxes.


Does my library card work at any other libraries?

Yes, your Center Line Library card will work at all libraries in Macomb county (except for Harrison Township) and also at the Troy Public Library and the Harper Woods Public Library because we all belong to the library cooperative called the Suburban Library Cooperative


Can I use my library card anywhere in Michigan?

No. Every library has different requirements for issuing library cards because libraries are funded mostly by local taxes. However, you are able to borrow items from most libraries in the state through MeLCat which is a federally funded program through the State of Michigan. Visit to have items sent directly to your home library or ask a librarian to help you. Or you can get a MILibraryCard sticker for your library card that will allow you to visit other participating ibraries in the state and borrow print materials. To find out more visit


Can I suggest something for the library to purchase?

Yes. The library director will consider anything you suggest, however it is not a guarantee that it will be purchased. It must fit into the budget and meet criteria normally considered for any purchase. Contact the Library Director Here.


Who do I tell if I have a complaint?

Send complaints to the Library Director please include your contact information if you would like a response. Thank you for your feedback!


Where can I find a bus schedule or bus tickets?

Bus tickets are only available at city hall. Bus schedules are available at the library, the recreation building, or city hall.


What are the charges for printing?

$0.15 per page for Black and White copies--the library does not have a color printer.


Does the library have a copy machine?

Yes, the charge is $0.10 per page. It has a document feeder and is able to make 2-sided copies.


Does the library have a fax machine?

No. Center Line residents may fax at City Hall for $1.00 for the first page and $0.25 per page after.


Does the library have a scanner?

Yes. Staff will scan documents and email them to the patron's email account only. There is currently no charge for this service.


How much are overdue fines?

See the Fines and Fees chart here.