Rodent Control

Every property owner or occupant in the City of Center Line is responsible for preventing a condition of rodent infestation. Residents and business owners are required to take preventative measures, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Storage of all garbage and debris inside, unless kept in a metal or rat-proof container with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Maintain their premises and keep them free of the accumulation of trash, debris, and rubbish;.
  • Store and handle, in an approved manner, materials that might provide a nesting place and/or food supply for rats.
  • Store firewood, pipe, boxes, etc. at least 12 inches above the ground with an open space underneath and in piles no higher than four feet above ground;.
  • Keep all lots, vacant or occupied, free of all litter, garbage, and debris at all times.
  • Elevate at least 48 inches above ground level, all containers used for the feeding of wild birds or animals. 
  • Clean dog kennels/pens and yards cleared of dog feces daily.
  • Keep weeds and grass cut.

This information is provided to protect the health, safety and welfare of the Center Line residents, business owners and visitors, and further, to prevent unhealthy and unsafe conditions which may encourage or foster rodent infestation.

Facts on Rodents

Rodents can:

  • Squeeze through a half inch hole.
  • Climb horizontal and vertical wires.
  • Reach vertically 18 inches.
  • Jump vertically 3 feet.
  • Swim up floor drains, sewer lines and through a toilet bowl trap.
  • Survive on pet food and animal droppings.
  • Gnaw through soft metals, wood, electrical wires, and cinder blocks.

Steps to Minimize Rodent Infestation

You can help, by following these steps:

  • Starve them - with proper storage of garbage in metal cans with tight fitting lids, discontinue the use of plastic garbage bags, do not leave pet food sitting outside and clean feeding dishes daily, and if feeding birds from a bird feeder keep it at least 4 feet off the ground.
  • Clean your premises - get rid of all unnecessary articles, junk, and large rubbish items, cut weeds and grass, store lumber on racks at lease 18 inches above the ground, clean dog kennels/pet areas at least once weekly.
  • Eradicate them - with rat poison, it will usually take 8 to 12 days but remember to follow the directions as stated on the product label; with traps, the safest and least expensive way of eradication.
  • Rodent proof your home/garage/sheds - seal all holes and openings within 3 feet of the ground with 17-gauge hardware cloth, 24-gauge sheet metal, concrete, brick, or mortar.

The city is providing this information to all residents as a preventative measure to minimize the potential for rodent infestation. However, it is each property owners responsibility to assist in this effort.

Further Information

For this program to work, your assistance is necessary. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 586-757-6800.