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“Downspout Follow-up Compliance Inspections”


“Did you receive a downspout non-compliance letter from the City of Center Line and are in need of a follow-up inspection?


If you have addressed a downspout non-compliance issue, and wish to make an appointment for a re-inspection; or you simply wish to inform the city that you are in compliance and are ready for a re-inspection without an appointment, you may do so by calling 586-757-6800. Those wishing to schedule an appointment for the downspout re-inspection will receive a call back from the Ordinance Enforcement Officer within 72 hours.  Those not needing an appointment, will be reinspected when an Ordinance Enforcement Officer is able.  After re-inspection, property owners will receive a letter indicating compliance or further non-compliance.


Those who are non-compliant with the requirements of the Downspout Inspection Program may be allowed more time if there is a financial or other personal hardship. Please communicate such hardships to a City Clerk or the Ordinance Enforcement Officer by calling 586-757-6800.


The City of Center Line appreciates your continued patience as we all work to protect our environment!”


Information for those in need this coming holiday season.

In the Fall, the city needs your help! Please remove falling leaves from the street gutter in front of your home and bag or place in compost container for curbside pick-up. Do not rake the leaves from your property into the street! Leaves in the street cause serious environmental issues for the city when the leaves end up in the storm drains, or cause the street sweeper to have mechanical failures. Your help is appreciated!


The City of Center Line will be repairing roadways throughout the city beginning November 14, 2020 and continuing so long as weather permits. Anticipate some road closures and remember to drive slowly and safely in construction zones. For further information regarding this program, please email City Manager Dennis E. Champine at dchampine@centerline.gov........


The 37th District Court located in Center Line City Hall is closed until further notice.

The last day for yard waste pick-up will be December 17, 2020


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Appointments to Boards and Commissions in the City of Center Line
are open to all residents. ( There are currently two vacancies on the DDA Board of Directors)

Generally, the only requirement is city residency. All Boards and Commission members are appointed by the
Mayor and/or City Council for specific terms depending on the Board or Commission.

Go to this link for more information: https://www.centerline.gov/263/Boards-Commissions


The City currently accepting applications for the following Boards or Commissions:

Board of Review
Beautification Commission
Local Officers Compensation Commission - (meets odd years only)

If you are interested in serving on any of these boards, applications are available online or available at City Hall
 Board & Commission Skill Sets List

Boards & Commissions Application

The City of Center Line is redevelopment ready.

The City of Center Line is committed to involving the community in its planning, development and improvement processes. The following links have been prepared with the purpose of setting policies and procedures to involve residents in Citywide initiatives and to provide City staff a guide of community engagement strategies and methods. 

Public Participation Guide

Development Guides


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